Leader Guides


Whether you are a student or an adult, if God is calling you to lead a group of girls, we want to help!
Every Seeding Hearts Leader Guide is written as a script to assist with delivering the message. The guide also prompts the leader with fill-in-the-blank examples to share personal stories and examples with the students. All examples are clearly marked for easy preparation in advance. 
Every leader guide includes:
  • Fully-scripted lessons with activity instructions and material lists
  • Tips on how to share and what to look for in students' answers
  • Leadership encouragement and a place to reflect weekly on successes to continue and opportunities to do something different
  • Space to record student information and optional point system tracking
  • Group options (see below)


If your "small" group is on the larger side, consider recruiting co-leaders to help. Each guide is written with the option to break out into smaller groups during part of the lesson and re-group again before the end.