share His love

Seeding Hearts provides materials for starting a girls Bible study. Fully-scripted leader guides, devotion companions, social media promotional images, instructional videos and more are available to help you share Jesus.


Every leader guide is written as a script to assist with delivering the message. The guide also prompts the leader with fill-in-the-blank examples to share personal stories and examples with the students. All examples are clearly marked for easy preparation in advance. 
Every leader guide includes:
  • Fully-scripted lesson with activity instructions and materials list
  • Tips on how to share and what to look for in students' answers
  • Leadership encouragement and a place to reflect weekly on successes to continue and opportunities to do something different
  • Space to record student information and optional point system tracking
  • Group options (see below)


Students love to learn while having fun and have a better chance of understanding while retaining concepts when a lesson is connected to an activity. Each Seeding Hearts lesson begins with an activity directly related to the lesson and many have one or more additional activities during the lesson as well.


If your "small" group is on the larger side, consider recruiting co-leaders to help. Each guide is written with the option to break out into smaller groups during the lesson and re-group again before the end.


All lessons have a devotion companion available that pairs directly with it to encourage students to review what they learned and dig deeper during their one on one time with God during the week. Students are encouraged daily to take what God is teaching them and begin applying it.
Every devotion companion includes:
  • One page weekly for students to capture thoughts on weekly lesson
  • Two-page devotions for the six days in between weekly lesson
  • Blank and ruled journal pages for students to take notes, write letters to God, draw masterpieces or just doodle 


Promotional images to get the word out on social media, videos to assist with understanding the activities and much more are available.